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A Tour through Swift Attributes

By Marco Eidinger

In November 2022, I had the great pleasure of welcoming Marco Eidinger as a speaker to Swift Language User Group (San Francisco).

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A Tour through Swift Attributes By Marco Eidinger

Learn about System Programming Interfaces (SPI) in Swift (aka @_spi ) and other Swift Attributes and how/when to use those attributes.

About our speaker

Marco Eidinger is a Swift developer working on open source and enterprise mobile SDKs for iOS and macOS developers.

He writes weekly articles about Swift and iOS development and created open-source tools like:

  • SwiftPlantUML, an Xcode extension and command-line tool, to generate UML class diagrams from Swift code.

  • XCSnippetsApp, an macOS application to explore code snippets from the Swift and iOS community, view and edit the snippets before adding them conveniently to Xcode.

  • swift-package-dependencies-check, a GitHub action to detect outdated versions of your Swift package dependencies.

Follow Marco on Twitter and do visit his blog.

Event details:

For more information about Swift Language User Group (San Francisco) visit: and Follow us on Twitter

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