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Beginner-friendly introduction to Free Monads

By Dmitrii Kovanikov

In November 2022, I had the great pleasure of welcoming Dmitrii Kovanikov as a speaker to Bay Area Haskell User Group with this awesome talk.

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Beginner-friendly introduction to Free Monads by Dmitrii Kovanikov

In this talk, I'd like to look into several diverse problems, their possible solutions and discuss drawbacks of with these ad-hoc solutions. After that, I'm going to introduce the idea of Data-Oriented Programming. I'll build the concept of Free Monad from ground up and explain the uniform approach for all the demonstrated different problems. I'm also going to discuss the drawbacks of Free Monads.

About our speaker - Dmitrii Kovanikov
Functional Programming is one of my passions, and it has been a part of my professional life for quite a while already. I'm a Senior Software Engineer and I've been using Haskell in production, teaching and OSS for 7 years.

I do tons of open-source work including mentoring people, creating educational resources and maintaining projects. I'm an author and maintainer of dozens OSS libraries and applications. I also had been teaching Haskell at ITMO University for several years to undergrad students. I love making complicated topics accessible and sharing my knowledge with others!

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For more information about Bay Area Haskell and Functional Programming User Group visit:

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