Easy incremental builds with GHC 9.4 (Haskell)

By Harry Garrood

In November 2022 we had the pleasure of welcoming Harry Garrood as a speaker to Bay Area Haskell User Group.

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Easy incremental builds with GHC 9.4 by Harry Garrood

One of the new features in GHC 9.4 is that GHC determines whether a source file has changed by checking its hash rather than its modification timestamp. I'll discuss why this is useful and how it can dramatically speed up your CI builds!

About our speaker

Harry Garrood is a software engineer based in Scotland, currently working with Mercury. He used to do a lot of OSS work, having been part of the PureScript core team, but now he spends less of his free time thinking about code, and more of it playing trombone, swimming, and playing video games.

Follow Harry on Twitter and GitHub. Do visit his blog.

Event details: https://www.meetup.com/bay-area-haskell-user-group/events/288894864/

For more information about Bay Area Haskell and Functional Programming User Group visit:


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